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SMS-based Chat Solution for Cam Sites

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A short description on how SMS Cams Works
A short description on how SMS Go Works for Cam Sites

How it Works

SMSCAMS is integrated into your website and will provide your end-users with the opportunity to interact with people on site through directly exchanging SMS and providing them with an ‘off-line’ secure communication platform.

Multifaceted upsurge in revenue

Real-time communication

Your agents will install the SMS Cams App on their devices, while registered end users acquire credits to initiate communication with them. Each agent will be assigned a virtual number, thereby enabling receiving and responding to multiple messages in a secure and anonymous environment.

Convenient, 100% secure and effective

Since the app utilizes link-based credit card billing, we guarantee the privacy protection of all users. At the same time, once the user runs out of credits, they will immediately be notified of their subscription’s status. It will also be under their sole discretion on whether they would like to continue to use the SMS Cams’ services or not.

Boost subscriber’s experience

The SMS Cams App was distinctively created to complement the modernized and fast-paced lifestyle of your subscribers. It instantly provides a great experience and entertainment value to your website thanks to a more personal interaction. With an improved customer feedback and increase in subscription, you will more likely increase your business’s profits.

Great Features:

Check out the amazing features coupled with SMS Cams App!

SMS button integrated into your website via API

SMS Cams App is installed on the model’s end, and they will each have a virtual number assigned to them

No need for end user installation, simply obtain credits/tokens and start sending messages

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Demo Site Guide

View Demo Site

asdChoose a model of your liking and click on the SMS ME button located below their profile.

asd Choose your preferred credit package and fill in the required information.

Note: The credit card details are pre-populated for this demo as an example.

asd Upon completing the form, you will be notified if the payment is successful. Credits will now be available for you to use. You may now exchange messages with the user through your mobile phone.

That’s right — No end user download or installation required for this service.

Exchanging SMS with the model will continue for as long as you still have credits. asd

asdOnce the user runs out of credits, they will be notified through SMS.

The user will be asked whether they would like to acquire more credits to continue communicating with the model or not. If they reply "YES", they will receive a REBILL REQUEST to obtain more credits.

asdIf the payment is unsuccessful, you will be directed to the site where you can edit or correct your credit card details.

After successfully availing credits, you can continue texting the cam model until your credits run out.

After successfully availing credits, texting the cam model will carry on until your credits run out.